Friday, July 18, 2008

i had woke up,but izit too late for me?

i had woke up,but izit too late for me?

just a few days ago,when i was having dinner with my friends after tuition
suddenly one of them asked me about my ex-gf.i was surprised,she asked me that do i hv a ex-gf surname is Lim....
at first i thought that she was joking with me,so i answered her that..."I HAD FORGOTTEN"
the response that she give me was scold me ==!
she told me that my ex-gf was her cousin,and her name is....i was shocked and feel surprised for it on that moment!
well,since she told me that she is her cousin so i just told her about me and her.

we know each other after PMR,after that we started our relationship.
(actually we just meet once before)
at first,all of my friends said that im stupid.simply start a relation with a people that just meet once,but...i did not bother to what they said.LOL
she was a friendly,sweet,nice girl i ever meet,and her family circumstances was quite good.
i feel sorry to her,after she was with me and she really changed a lot.i knew that,before that she wont even sit the public bus or walked to a place for a long distance.but she had change after being with me,i really appreciate it!
we have being together for half a year,at the end we broke up.when we broke up,no ones believe that ==''
all my friends keep scolding me include my sister and parents too!
i just keep silent on that time...
we've broke up for 1year more already,honestly i really regret but what can i do?
now i had woke up!everything was my wrong,but izit too late for it?whose know?
i just can blame it to myself!
if i were given a chance again,i swear that i will never let u leave me again!
i swear for it!