Sunday, April 25, 2010

Please Be Mature

Hi,Bloggers. It has been quite a LONG time I did not updated my blog here
The reason why I did not updated it is because off I'm lazy. =.=
Well,today I'm here to release my mood
Recently many thing had happened,and I just realize that I'm doing the stupid thing and being a STUPID all the time!!!
I got a friend who was just graduated from High School not long ago.
She get a good result in her SPM,and she wish to be a teacher since she was small.After she got her result,she applied teacher in the net. At the same time,there are two of her best friend which graduated from the same school with her also applied it too. But their result is not good as her.
Today,25/4/2010. The result for the teacher has been release out,unfortunately two of her best friend did not get it but just she. There are several thing that makes me BEH SYOK at all.
1st,one of her friend planned to study art designer but end up she follow her to study teacher
2nd,recently they went to a tuition center which is already blacklisted ( something like 诈骗集团 )
3rd,she promised before that she will go for teacher once she got it.

NOW....two of her friend did not get it to study teacher but just her.
They had to sacrificed their future to remain at the tuition center.
3 of them stick with each other all the time,no matter go anywhere.
I understand of it,they are best friend. But they have to think carefully for their own future.
She said before once she get the teacher she will go study and give up the tuition center place,but now she might give up the teacher and go for the tuition center.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hiz friends!!
It has been a time I did not update my blog here,and it seem like my blog had already die.
Anyway,today is my 19 birthday. =]
Friday night gonna have a party with my friend them. ROCKz~~!! haha!
Can't wait for it to come,hahaz
I'm here to said THANKZ to you guys who had sent wishes to me through Facebook or phone message. And also you,who has just sung birthday song to me. <3>
Nights =]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tagged by xiaoqii

1-大名: Joel
2- 生日: 03/03
3-谁传给你的(记得回LINK): xiaoqii
4-生日想拿到什么礼物: 随便 =]
5-最近压力大的事: 没钱
6-想做的事: 到台湾深造
7-有没有喜欢的人: 有
8-跟谁出去最幸福+快乐: 他们
9-如果你的好朋友吵架了,你会怎么做: 劝架
10-最想和朋友去那里: 哪里都可以
11-圣诞节想做什么: 在日本过圣诞
12-最想跟谁庆祝圣诞节: 她
13-最近在做什么: 无业游民
14-有几个兄弟姐妹: 1
15-最近喜欢的一首英文/华文歌: 搞笑
16-喜欢什么颜色: 青
17-上厕所会不会冲水: 当然会啦!=]
18-喜欢男还是女生: 女
19-最想大大声说什么: 我会证明给你看!
20-半夜敢不敢上厕所: 敢
21-你现在最恨谁: 恨一个人很累
22-现在喜欢做什么: 读书
23-睡相好不好看 : 像鬼 >.<
24-现在的时间: 凌晨 0232am
25-是否厌恨传给你这卷子的人: 不可能
26-体重多少: 58kg
27-今天天气: 还好
28-如果忙完了你最想做什么: 睡觉
29-失眠后会怎样: 上网
30-你晚上睡觉会不会尿床: 不会
31-你晚上睡觉会不会流口水: 很少
32-你有没有吃过夜宵: 时常
33-近期开心的事: 和他们出去
34-自由对你来说重要吗: 非常重要!
35-你觉得在朋友当中谁最性感: 不晓得
36-你觉得你比较笨还是聪明: 中等 哈!
37-你比较喜欢爸爸还是妈妈: 他们都是我最亲的人 =]
38-你现在最想看到谁: 她
39-你爱看戏吗: 喜欢
40-你敢向你讨厌的人说"我恨你吗?: 不会
41-你打算几时结婚啊: 顺其自然
42-你喜欢你的生活吗: 不喜欢
43-相信塔罗牌吗: 不
44-睡觉前所做的事情: 闭上眼睛
45-你的偶像: 罗志祥
46-你喜欢的季节: 秋天
47-最想去的地方: 日本
48-最讨厌怎样的性格的人: 自以为是
49-你会抽烟吗: 不
50-你会喝酒吗: 会
51-你常哭吗: 不
52-你常笑吗: 每天 =]
53-想睡到几点: 不想醒
54-朋友和情人你会选谁: 朋友
55-机会+命运你会选谁: 机会
56-你很自恋吗: 偶尔
57-你有穿耳洞吗: 没有
58-这问卷多不多: 还好
59-喜欢吃冰吗: 还好
60-现在幸福吗: 不懂
61-最在乎谁: 家人
62-房间里最重要的东西是什么: 电脑!
63-没有朋友你会怎么做: 找朋友
64-如果天使给你实现一个愿望,你想要什么: 回到当年
65-这个问题废吗: 还好
67-喜欢那个水果: 苹果
68-最怕人家问你什么: 从复的问题
69-喜欢下雪吗: 喜欢
70-下辈子要做什么: 没想过
71-希望再被tag吗: 还好
72-没事做你喜欢等人吗: 不喜欢
73-你吃饱了没有?: 吃饱了

写完请点10 位小朋友,不可以不
点完后请通知那10 位小朋友被点到的小朋友

1. Denise
2. Weiyu
3. Jocelyn
4. Kong Leong
5. Daniel
6. Hazell
7. Lemon
8. Amanda
9. Guan
10. Kimberly

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last day of 2009


Alien look =.=

A short post here =]
The last day of 2009 night,I went out with Daniel them for steamboat.
After that went to Batu Feringgi Sunset Bistro,have a great time at there with them.
Let's the picture talk =D

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Should I end up my studies?
I've no ideas at all
Recently keep on thinking and thinking,repeating the same thing in my mind =.=
Now I'm taking the courses that I don't even like it at all
cause of you all,my mom and dad..then I just take it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Don't Asked Me Again!!

Just to expressed my feeling here
A couples minutes ago,my "LOVELY" mother..
She suddenly asked me a question that I had answered her many times and everytimes when she asked this question we will argue with that =.=
Here is the following conversation between she and I just now
"Hey, many subject you failed in your semester 1 exam?" (cause I don't really told her about my result)
Me: Hmm,2 subject.I need to resit for it on the coming semester 3.
Mom: WHAT?2subject?! You did not do revision izit?"
Me: Hello,before you said this PLEASE recall back okay??? From the begining I already said that I don't wanna study IT courses you guys force me to take it.I had already tried my best to LOVE this courses,but yet I still wanna study the courses I want and that is MASS COM!!
Mom: I had told you before,I can't let you so fast go to K.L TARC to study and I also don't want you to take mass com.
Me: Okok. You still remember what you said to me after I had make the payment for TARC?
you asked me "Joel,if you really wanna study mass com then you can take it."
(WHAT THE HECK?! Do you think that money is easy to earn???)
Now I had comes to semester 2 and yet you still asking me such stupid question =.=
Mom: If you really thinks that you can't study it,then stopped it now.
Me: What? Please la,if now I stopped it..what can I do? No certificate,no jobs okay?
After that she walks out from my room zzz

To my mother:
I'm sorry that I had being rude to you just now,but I hope that you understand.
Although I don't really like IT,but I know you want me to choose it is for my own good
and I will try my best to study it.
I hope that you don't give me much pressure,seriously I really scared if one I can't stand it anymore I will give up and withdraw from TARC.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just went to Gurney yesterday for a movie-Ninja
The story was not bad,but the ending is just normal.
Went to F.O.S,planned to buy the Tee that i want for long time
but when I asked the promoter,it just left XL...and is last THREE~
so I just picked one of it to the fitting room and wear and see
but it does not looks nice to me,maybe of the size I think.
I had captured one picture with the Tee XD!
When I looked into the mirror,saw my own face,own hair style,own look
I'm totally bored with the look right now
I think is time to change a new look for myself
Seriously I need a new hair cut,dye my hair so that I looks more energetic.
Tomorrow is Monday again,have to wake up early in the morning and go for classes again
kinda lazy actually~=.=
but,now is alr sem 2 can't keep skip class anymore
I just skipped two classes on Friday haha!
so...hopefully,I'll not skip any classes anymore (try my best)