Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Most Unhappy X'mas Eve*

Merry X'mas!! So?There are nothing special about it.
Everyone are enjoying their Christmas count down party yesterday at Gurney,but i just walked here and there with my friends.
28/12 i will be going to Kedah for the NS already,i really thought yesterday night would be have nice memory with did not happened.Kinda dissapointed to her...sigh!
Im so regret went to there yesterday,is very boring and doing nothing at there,wasting all the time.
Anyway,i don't wanna to think it anymore.Going NS soon...start new life!

But....she still in my heart.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


64days left only,but i still not in the mood to study
how can i score in my SPM??--''
everyday my parents keep asking me to read this read that
HELP!! i need to take a break!
now not only my parents,even my cousin sister also said so..
although she is rich,and quite care about me(i want what she buy what,XD)
but everytime when i meet her,she will start her "BIG TEORY" to me
they totally don't know what i want in the music..haiz
but what can i do???
hmm,this coming 64days
i must try my best to work hard on my studies already!



Friday, July 18, 2008

i had woke up,but izit too late for me?

i had woke up,but izit too late for me?

just a few days ago,when i was having dinner with my friends after tuition
suddenly one of them asked me about my ex-gf.i was surprised,she asked me that do i hv a ex-gf surname is Lim....
at first i thought that she was joking with me,so i answered her that..."I HAD FORGOTTEN"
the response that she give me was scold me ==!
she told me that my ex-gf was her cousin,and her name is....i was shocked and feel surprised for it on that moment!
well,since she told me that she is her cousin so i just told her about me and her.

we know each other after PMR,after that we started our relationship.
(actually we just meet once before)
at first,all of my friends said that im stupid.simply start a relation with a people that just meet once,but...i did not bother to what they said.LOL
she was a friendly,sweet,nice girl i ever meet,and her family circumstances was quite good.
i feel sorry to her,after she was with me and she really changed a lot.i knew that,before that she wont even sit the public bus or walked to a place for a long distance.but she had change after being with me,i really appreciate it!
we have being together for half a year,at the end we broke up.when we broke up,no ones believe that ==''
all my friends keep scolding me include my sister and parents too!
i just keep silent on that time...
we've broke up for 1year more already,honestly i really regret but what can i do?
now i had woke up!everything was my wrong,but izit too late for it?whose know?
i just can blame it to myself!
if i were given a chance again,i swear that i will never let u leave me again!
i swear for it!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

stop it!

please stop it! i can't stand it anymore,and i know what i am doing now
stop intervere my private life -.-''
recently my parents keep give me pressure,almost everyday i also have to listen to their "TEORY"
maybe is because of SPM is near now,but i have my planing!!why are they show understanding or sympathy to me??haiz...!!
i can't breath at all,but what can i do??still need to face it..=.=''
really hope that stupid exam faster come and i pass it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

we'll miss you

received shan shan message at...forgot what is the time already.
she asked me to wake her up at 6am,cause need go for school~
after that i continue sleep..
today was my god mother the 5th day she pass away,i went to meet her family.
around 2something in the afternoon,we start the funeral procession..
before the procession started,got a band played some music for her..
at first i tried to tell myself not to cry,but.....i cry at the last.
i was very regret that did not always go visit her,the last time i talks to her is on the CNY till now
i miss her alots.when i was small,my parents keep busy she!
she is the one who raises me grew up,she is almost like half of my mother.
when the funeral procession starts,we walked to around my school there than sit bus to the cemetery...
it was a hot day,and our mood is sad T_T
when the people push the coffin into the fire,i cry...but silently
i really do not want her to me like that...
now i just realize that,how was the feel when someone leave was very painful!
no matter how long the time pass,YOU...will still in our heart.we will miss you....

rest in peace ba~
xian' s sis,kai sin invites me to her birthday at Chikuma Japanese Cuisine..
at first,i though that it will be fun at there..LOL
(i did not mean bored) but when i reached there,it was very surprise me ==''
im gonna ate with her family,nevermind...i meet xian parents before except her father
but,not only that...her grandpa and other relatives is joining us,i choose to be silent at there.but kai sin keep called me talks..lolz
i really dont know want to said what except keep on stare on my phone..hahaz!
after that,i ordered teriyaki set..quite nice~
time pass very fast,it was already 10something..i went back to home

P/S:happy birthday to u,kai sin =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

tomorrow is my school mid year exam,but i haven't started to study at all..hahaz
prepare to die..xP~
May was a busy month to me,exam,car practical..ish!start felt tired when go for car practikal,maybe im too expert in my driving skill i think..LOLZ
anyway,29th of May im going for my P test..hope i can pass.(God Bless Me)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

woke up early in the morning and sit infront the monitor on9~swt!!when 4pm i've to go for car practical,but the problem is...NO ONE FETCH ME TO THERE.=.=''.i phone to my driving school,omg!all of them had already went home,no people answer the call...and that time is 3.15pm..i just left half and hour more to get to JPJ.sigh~
at last,my friend come to fetch me...!thx GOD!lolz..
today was my 1st practical,and my driving teacher almost nearly cause death by me..hahaz~
i wonder my driving skill is good enough to for car race..LOL.after finish the stupid 2hours practical,hj came to fetched me for dinner...
at the night,we went to the 5Th FLOOR..(meeting place).hahaz!we seat at there till 12smtg..talked nonsence.
actually is quite bored to seat at there~
i went home,and sleep..lolz=)

Friday, May 2, 2008


its been two days i did not write blog on here,quite lazy actually..haaz
anyway,is quite many things to write now..=)
1/5/08-thursday was public holiday(labour day),so i went to GSC for a movie-iron man,with my buddies..the movie was very nice and funny too.hahaz..i bought a cap at Mercury cost rm28..==''
is very expensive~after that we went for dinner infront pcghs coffee shop-Ban Hoe..
so many people at there,and im wearing sweater at that so hot man!!my parents keep calling me to asked me back..damn swt!im having my dinner la..wei!HJ fetch zhi yong go home...
2/5/08-friday.woke up go to school,go for Economy tuition after school...raining at that FORCE my friend to fetch me home..hahaz!im so cruel~LOLz
last friday i ponteng did not go for maths tuition,today when i teacher keep called my name non stop~JOEL JOEL JOEL~swt!!i think whole class already know who am i right now.==''
anyway,i choose to be that he will stopped calling my name again.hahaz
my dad bought dinner for me,i dont really know what mee is that..whatever,as long there are no poison in there.XD
12.50 now,start felt sleepy...thats all for tonight!good night~=)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

12.33am,its already HAPPY LABOUR DAY!!.and i just started to write my blog.hahaz
quite busy just now,busy watching tv..LOL.i skipped Mr.Felix tutorial class..xP
i wonder why so many of my friends are following me too..==''
anyway,ah J fetched me home just now..i bought nasi lemak and roti telur as my dinner.yummy~so full now!!
is public holiday tomorrow, not that well-behaved to stay at home.xP~mcd invite me go GP to watch IRON MAN,i wonder that izit a nice movie???if not,i rather to sleep or study(if im hardworking) at home..hahaz.exam is near right now,and i still haven start to do any revision yet~prepared to DIE..parents keep giving me pressure...haiz!
quite sleepy now,i think that what i can wrote for tonight,sorry if too short.HAHAZ
good night~^_^

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dont know what happened to me today,felt sleepy whole day...LOL
maybe gonna become "sleep god" soon..hahaz=.=''
anyway,is kinda bored today in class.because our BOSS-monitor..tze howe went for basketball our class become abit quiet.xP
this few days quite many people asked me that when did i start write blog?!swt,actually i got it for quite a long time,just...i forgot my add and pass..=.=''.really OLD d.hahaz
tomorrow have to pass up the moral project already,but the stupid photo shop still haven washed those photo that i capture..sigh!tomorrow really prepare to die..haiz!
11.18 right now,just finish copy my moral project geh esei..listening fm988.
tomorrow still gt assembly,haiz..need wake up
i think that all for tonight,hahaz..
my blog quite short right??LOL...i will try my best to write more longer bit..haaz
good night!sweet dream!=)

Monday, April 28, 2008


~Ra!niNG dAYz~

this morning almost late to school,when i woke was already 6.45am..=.=''
i quickly washed my face and put on my school U then rush out from house..
althought my house is quite near to school,but i have to go that early because...NEED COPY HOMEWORK..HAHAZ...=)
after school dismis,ah hao fetched me back by his bike.the sky was so dark that time,but i liked it..cause its gonna rain soon!!when i reached home,i just knew that my parents is not at home.
after finish lunch,took a nice bath..i lie on my bed..SLP!hahaz..(have to go for tuition at 4smtg)
today was my sister b'dae,but we did not go out for mom just bought a cake back and sing the stupid b'dae song to her..XD.there are one things quite surprised me,i wonder that izit all of her friends knew that today is her b'dae..she came home with many presents~=.=''
anyway,i like the cake..chocolate cake!yummy!!=)
is 11.20pm right now,the sky has stopped..but the weather is still so cold..hehez
tonight can have a nice sleep..hahaz.but tomorrow go school...sigh~
although im SICK of this kind of life,but what can i do?life still need to goes on..xP
take care!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

wAsT!nG t!mE

it is 4.18pm rite now,i wrote it so early because tonight i can't on my com..=)
woke up at 11smtg this morning,but still lying on bed do nothing....actuallyis damn bored
today is my school parents day,luckily my form teacher did not called my parents go..if not,im gonna get bazuka(scold).hahaz..phew!
anyway,i woke up n wash my face then sit infront my com on9.OMG!suddenly my sister came back from tuition and her friends is coming naked at that time
LOLZ..but just upper body..hahaz.anyway,she just come back for a while,after that they went to QB.hj said that today maybe will come and fetch me go out,but is was too i choose to stay at home.go out for dinner with parents,come back watch tv..i think.
tomorrow have to back to school and to those face problem teacher..HAHAAZ
thats all for today,bored life..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bor!nG dAY~

nothing special today,sit infront my com and stare to my monitor for whole noon..LOLx
(damn boring)..!!
when night hj come fetch me to dinner,we go fetch tc n cf...
recently cf is in bankrap situation..HAHAZ..jk!
so,i paid for him...hj ordered two pizza,but he dun wan share v us.=.=''
after dinner,we went to QB there for a walked...quite boring actually~LOL