Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Don't Asked Me Again!!

Just to expressed my feeling here
A couples minutes ago,my "LOVELY" mother..
She suddenly asked me a question that I had answered her many times and everytimes when she asked this question we will argue with that =.=
Here is the following conversation between she and I just now
"Hey, many subject you failed in your semester 1 exam?" (cause I don't really told her about my result)
Me: Hmm,2 subject.I need to resit for it on the coming semester 3.
Mom: WHAT?2subject?! You did not do revision izit?"
Me: Hello,before you said this PLEASE recall back okay??? From the begining I already said that I don't wanna study IT courses you guys force me to take it.I had already tried my best to LOVE this courses,but yet I still wanna study the courses I want and that is MASS COM!!
Mom: I had told you before,I can't let you so fast go to K.L TARC to study and I also don't want you to take mass com.
Me: Okok. You still remember what you said to me after I had make the payment for TARC?
you asked me "Joel,if you really wanna study mass com then you can take it."
(WHAT THE HECK?! Do you think that money is easy to earn???)
Now I had comes to semester 2 and yet you still asking me such stupid question =.=
Mom: If you really thinks that you can't study it,then stopped it now.
Me: What? Please la,if now I stopped it..what can I do? No certificate,no jobs okay?
After that she walks out from my room zzz

To my mother:
I'm sorry that I had being rude to you just now,but I hope that you understand.
Although I don't really like IT,but I know you want me to choose it is for my own good
and I will try my best to study it.
I hope that you don't give me much pressure,seriously I really scared if one I can't stand it anymore I will give up and withdraw from TARC.