Monday, May 26, 2008

we'll miss you

received shan shan message at...forgot what is the time already.
she asked me to wake her up at 6am,cause need go for school~
after that i continue sleep..
today was my god mother the 5th day she pass away,i went to meet her family.
around 2something in the afternoon,we start the funeral procession..
before the procession started,got a band played some music for her..
at first i tried to tell myself not to cry,but.....i cry at the last.
i was very regret that did not always go visit her,the last time i talks to her is on the CNY till now
i miss her alots.when i was small,my parents keep busy she!
she is the one who raises me grew up,she is almost like half of my mother.
when the funeral procession starts,we walked to around my school there than sit bus to the cemetery...
it was a hot day,and our mood is sad T_T
when the people push the coffin into the fire,i cry...but silently
i really do not want her to me like that...
now i just realize that,how was the feel when someone leave was very painful!
no matter how long the time pass,YOU...will still in our heart.we will miss you....

rest in peace ba~
xian' s sis,kai sin invites me to her birthday at Chikuma Japanese Cuisine..
at first,i though that it will be fun at there..LOL
(i did not mean bored) but when i reached there,it was very surprise me ==''
im gonna ate with her family,nevermind...i meet xian parents before except her father
but,not only that...her grandpa and other relatives is joining us,i choose to be silent at there.but kai sin keep called me talks..lolz
i really dont know want to said what except keep on stare on my phone..hahaz!
after that,i ordered teriyaki set..quite nice~
time pass very fast,it was already 10something..i went back to home

P/S:happy birthday to u,kai sin =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

tomorrow is my school mid year exam,but i haven't started to study at all..hahaz
prepare to die..xP~
May was a busy month to me,exam,car practical..ish!start felt tired when go for car practikal,maybe im too expert in my driving skill i think..LOLZ
anyway,29th of May im going for my P test..hope i can pass.(God Bless Me)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

woke up early in the morning and sit infront the monitor on9~swt!!when 4pm i've to go for car practical,but the problem is...NO ONE FETCH ME TO THERE.=.=''.i phone to my driving school,omg!all of them had already went home,no people answer the call...and that time is 3.15pm..i just left half and hour more to get to JPJ.sigh~
at last,my friend come to fetch me...!thx GOD!lolz..
today was my 1st practical,and my driving teacher almost nearly cause death by me..hahaz~
i wonder my driving skill is good enough to for car race..LOL.after finish the stupid 2hours practical,hj came to fetched me for dinner...
at the night,we went to the 5Th FLOOR..(meeting place).hahaz!we seat at there till 12smtg..talked nonsence.
actually is quite bored to seat at there~
i went home,and sleep..lolz=)

Friday, May 2, 2008


its been two days i did not write blog on here,quite lazy actually..haaz
anyway,is quite many things to write now..=)
1/5/08-thursday was public holiday(labour day),so i went to GSC for a movie-iron man,with my buddies..the movie was very nice and funny too.hahaz..i bought a cap at Mercury cost rm28..==''
is very expensive~after that we went for dinner infront pcghs coffee shop-Ban Hoe..
so many people at there,and im wearing sweater at that so hot man!!my parents keep calling me to asked me back..damn swt!im having my dinner la..wei!HJ fetch zhi yong go home...
2/5/08-friday.woke up go to school,go for Economy tuition after school...raining at that FORCE my friend to fetch me home..hahaz!im so cruel~LOLz
last friday i ponteng did not go for maths tuition,today when i teacher keep called my name non stop~JOEL JOEL JOEL~swt!!i think whole class already know who am i right now.==''
anyway,i choose to be that he will stopped calling my name again.hahaz
my dad bought dinner for me,i dont really know what mee is that..whatever,as long there are no poison in there.XD
12.50 now,start felt sleepy...thats all for tonight!good night~=)