Sunday, April 25, 2010

Please Be Mature

Hi,Bloggers. It has been quite a LONG time I did not updated my blog here
The reason why I did not updated it is because off I'm lazy. =.=
Well,today I'm here to release my mood
Recently many thing had happened,and I just realize that I'm doing the stupid thing and being a STUPID all the time!!!
I got a friend who was just graduated from High School not long ago.
She get a good result in her SPM,and she wish to be a teacher since she was small.After she got her result,she applied teacher in the net. At the same time,there are two of her best friend which graduated from the same school with her also applied it too. But their result is not good as her.
Today,25/4/2010. The result for the teacher has been release out,unfortunately two of her best friend did not get it but just she. There are several thing that makes me BEH SYOK at all.
1st,one of her friend planned to study art designer but end up she follow her to study teacher
2nd,recently they went to a tuition center which is already blacklisted ( something like 诈骗集团 )
3rd,she promised before that she will go for teacher once she got it.

NOW....two of her friend did not get it to study teacher but just her.
They had to sacrificed their future to remain at the tuition center.
3 of them stick with each other all the time,no matter go anywhere.
I understand of it,they are best friend. But they have to think carefully for their own future.
She said before once she get the teacher she will go study and give up the tuition center place,but now she might give up the teacher and go for the tuition center.


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