Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just went to Gurney yesterday for a movie-Ninja
The story was not bad,but the ending is just normal.
Went to F.O.S,planned to buy the Tee that i want for long time
but when I asked the promoter,it just left XL...and is last THREE~
so I just picked one of it to the fitting room and wear and see
but it does not looks nice to me,maybe of the size I think.
I had captured one picture with the Tee XD!
When I looked into the mirror,saw my own face,own hair style,own look
I'm totally bored with the look right now
I think is time to change a new look for myself
Seriously I need a new hair cut,dye my hair so that I looks more energetic.
Tomorrow is Monday again,have to wake up early in the morning and go for classes again
kinda lazy actually~=.=
but,now is alr sem 2 can't keep skip class anymore
I just skipped two classes on Friday haha!
so...hopefully,I'll not skip any classes anymore (try my best)

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